Philadelphia has been the poorest big city in the nation for far too long. I believe poverty is a two-sided issue –  low wages and the cost of goods and services.  Philadelphia needs better job training and investment in economic opportunities. However, we also need to work on lowering household costs, such as utilities and transportation, to better support the working class.

I believe in providing more career technical programs for high schools, along with re-education for adults. Investment in commercial corridors could help revitalize small businesses and create job opportunities in our District and the City of Philadelphia.  We also need to develop infrastructure projects that would upgrade our railways and ports, which would lead to more economic stimulus.

Bottom line, I feel it’s about time Philly gets serious about reducing poverty!


Development can be a boon for any city. However, over development of our District has become a major concern.  I believe that projects in the community need to be built on a relationship between developers and the people, not just the developers and politicians.

Development should happen because it makes economic sense and improves the community. Construction projects should be in line with the culture and history of the town. This alignment can only happen when the people are involved in the planning stages. Under my leadership, I will always make sure the citizens of District 4 have a seat at the table.


My work experience has taught me that you cannot arrest your way out of this problem. Heroin, Fentanyl and other illicit drugs are destroying a generation and tearing apart families. This epidemic is only going to be solved through education and prevention programs for our youth, along with harm reduction and rehabilitation for those afflicted.

I have seen first hand that great progress can be made when Public Health and Law Enforcement become partners to attack the issue together. I will work tirelessly to create a city-wide task force to combat this deadly epidemic.  This task force will include police, doctors, social workers and public health officers, all working together to tackle this issue.


I believe that college is a great option for students. However, college shouldn’t be the only pathway we use to prepare our kids for life after high school.  I will fight for more career technical schooling in District 4, along with apprenticeship and internship programs that will give our children more choices and opportunities.

As for the physical infrastructure, the city’s schools are in dire need of upgrades and repairs.  Our children should be our top priority, and proper heating, ventilation and security are non-negotiable. Fixing school conditions plays a crucial part in improving climate and culture for students, thus supporting a productive learning environment for our children!


We have one of the highest local tax rates of any city in the country.  Property tax assessments are seemingly done at random and with too little notice and education.  We have the highest sales tax in the state of Pennsylvania!

Recently the city implemented a soda tax. A regressive tax that unfairly targets the poor! I agree with the need for early childhood education, however, do the ends always justify the means?

There should be no new taxes, or tax increases, without a proper examination of current spending and allocation.

If I am elected, I will support and push for a full review of how the city spends our tax dollars!

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