Meet Ron

Ron Adams graduated from Holy Ghost Preparatory High School in 2000. Then, Ron attended Northwestern University, where he pledged the Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity and earned a B.A. in Education and Social Policy in 2004. After college, Ron worked at a mortgage company called W.C. Financial. Within two years, Ron not only became the operating manager, but also the co-owner of the firm.

W.C. Financial was first located on City Avenue, but then was relocated to the Roxborough section of Philadelphia in 2005.  Ron loved the area so much that he purchased a home the same year!

In 2015, Ron graduated from Temple University’s Fox School of Business. After working in strategy and operations for a marketing firm in Philadelphia, Ron decided to switch paths.  In 2017, he took a role as the Operations Manager for the High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area program, HIDTA. In his current role, Ron sees firsthand the devastation that heroin, opioids, and fentanyl have done to many areas of the city.

Ron has worked both locally and nationally with public health advocates, politicians, and law enforcement to help combat this terrible epidemic.

These experiences have strengthened Ron’s belief that a community can only thrive if members realize that their shared interest are more important than their differences. All of districts four’s residents desire a better education for their children, green space for their community, safety for their streets, and a say in their neighborhoods’ future and development.

Ron has a passion for helping people and driving successful change. He believes that laws can be passed and funds can be raised, but it is all for naught if proper leadership is not in place.

Ron believes that elected officials should accountable to their constituents first and then their donors, not the other way around!

No citizen should feel ignored, displaced, or less important than another. Ron is running for City Council, District Four, to fight for Overbrook, as well as East Falls. He is running to represent Wynnfield and parts of West Philadelphia with the same vigor as Manayunk and Roxborough. Ron Adams is running to be the voice of all five wards with an inspired vision for all of Philadelphia!

Ron is married to his wife Bridget, who he has known since they were best friends in high school. Bridget has spent the past 14 years as an educator in the School District of Philadelphia. Currently, she serves as the principal at The LINC High School in North Philadelphia. Ron and Bridget can also often be found walking their dog, Nikita, in the Wissahickon trails!

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